How To Take Vicodin


Vicodin is a combination of hydrocone and acetaminophen. This drug is usually taken to relieve the patient from feeling any pain. The substance hydrocone is a narcotic element within the drug. It changes the way in which the brain perceives pain. Thus the patients taking this drug would not feel the pain even if the cause of pain is still present.

Most physicians prescribe Vicodin after carefully considering various aspects as whether the patient has any prior ailments and what the general lifestyle of the patient taking the drug is. In case, patient is below the age of 12, the dose should vary according to their weight. Patients above the age of 60 must be aware of the consequences as hypotension and others. In case they suffer from any side effects, they must immediately report it to the physician. Consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited if someone is taking Vicodin because it increases the risk of liver damage.

Vicodin, which is prescribed by the physician, is normally taken orally. Information leaflet about the drug is available from the pharmacist and available information can also be acquired if the patient directly approaches the physician. One must take the medicine orally and also maintain the dose as directed by the physician. This drug can be taken with food and without food. In some cases, patients report experiencing nauseating feeling if they take this drug without food, so in that case it might help if they take the drug with food. In case the nauseating feeling continues, one must ask their pharmacist or physicians about the methods available to decrease the nausea. Sometimes lying down for 2 to 3 hours or decreasing the head movement can decrease the nauseating feeling.

There is a liquid form of the drug which can be taken as well. Usually, it comes with a measuring device. One must carefully measure the amount prescribed from the physician. It is best to avoid spoons used for household purposes. Using the household spoons might put inaccurate dose in the system. In case, the person has any medical conditions, the dosage must be accurate. Otherwise, the patient might fail to respond to the treatment properly.

It is important to consult the physician if a patient is unable to get the required effect expected. It is not advisable to increase the dose or have the dose prescribed more frequently unless they are sure it would have to dire severe implication on the body. One must also consult a doctor before stopping the use of this medicine.

Vicodin works best if patient take this drug after appearance of the first sign of pain. In case the pain worsens, there is no use of taking this drug. This is because it would not work quite well. Information about the safety of this drug is available with the pharmacist as well as with the physician. One must see to it that they know about the withdrawal reactions for the drug as well as the side effects. This is because in case of any serious affects, it needs to be reported to the physician.